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  Press Reviews  
  Society Of Abidance in Truth  

thank you very much for your inspiring vocal performance at the Society of Abidance in Truth in Santa Crutz. The entire event was permeated by the sweetness of devotion to God. Your singing was a beautiful expression of love and devotion to the supreme and the fine accompaniment by Pranesh Khan and Ravi Pandit added wonderfully to this. The audience was spiritually exhilarated and elevated by the music and were deeply blessed with the grace which permeated the entire evening's event.

  Princeton Packet (Time Off) 18-27 June,2004  

Mitali Bannerjee Bhawmik is an ambassador for Indian classical music.Whatever state (in India ) a musician is from, the style he or she plays is typical of that place. Also a musician from a certain state would be passing down the knowledge and a particular style of a well known teacher from that state. Ms Bhawmik has taken this knowledge from her gurus across the ocean and is now sharing it here in central jersey, with students, acuuaintances and just about any one who is open to learning.She is trying to promote this music as best as she can.

  India in New York . 30 th July, 2004  

In the world of Indian Classical music, Gharanas(school of nusic) have been sacrosanct for centuries. A musician, whether a vocalist or instrumentalist, has followed the distinctive style of his/her guru meticulously, to keep up the tradition.
But Mitali Bannered Bhawmik, a disciple of Late Pt V.G.Jog, is an exceotion.A classical vocalist from the North Indian Tradition, believes that while it is important to keep the tradition of different schools alive,often the rendition of a raga benefits from mixing styles.

  An enchanting Jugalbandi. Chinmaya Mission Journal  

On a beautiful sunny autumn afternoon of the 9 th of November 2002, at Chinmaya Vrindaban in New Jersey , about 200 residents of the area were enthralled by a rare musical performance, a duet vocal concert of Hindustani and Carnatic styles, popurlarly known as “Jugalbandi” by Mitali Bannered Bhawmik and Rajeswari Sateesh. Two artists sang in two different styles, in two different languages, but they sang together in harmony and their music touched the hearts of all who were present that afternoon, irrespective of their language, origin, race or religion.

  South Brunswick Public Library  

Dear Ms Bhawmik,
On behalf of the South Brunswick Public Library, I would like to thank you for providing our community with a lovely music workshop on September 22, 2002.
I know that many of our patrons enjoyed it emmensely. It was very kind of you to be so generous with your talent and time.
Jill Eisner
Programming Librarian
South Brunswick Public Library.

  The Telegraph, Kolkata.  

"Mitali Banerjee Bhawmik is an extremely talented singer with a high-pitched flexible voice who excels in both classical and semi-classical music."

Rutgers - Asian American Cultural Center.
Dear Mitali,
I am writing to thank you for your participation in the first Pan Asian Music Festival, held on April 14. 2002 at the Nicholas Music Center . The event also had the support of N.J. Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula, District 17 th . The festival was a great success. It achieved the goal of promoting intercultural understanding by bringing together both the Rutgers community and community at large to enjoy and appreciate a variety of Asian cultural traditions.
To-Thi Bosacchi
Noted vocalist and musicologist
"Mitali's well modulated voice, which covers three octaves with marvelous ease. is yet another reason for her tremndous appeal over the audience. That none of the ingredients of the khayal anga has been overlooked by the artist is very evident from her gayaki." - Smt Dipali Nag
Smt Joya Biswas (The first lady of Sitar)
" Mitali is one of the brilliant young lady vocalists of younger generation who excels in both classical and semi-classical music..
Pt Falguni Mitra (Guru-prefect, Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata)
It is so gratifying to see that, with perseverance and devotion, Mitali has made steady advances and has attained a commendable level in performing khayal, thumri, tappa etc., with charm and appeal enchanting the listeners."
Patrick O'Shea, Trenton Times, New Jersey, USA.
"Numerous Indian words have already found their way confortably into the English lexion. Someday, may be words such Khayal, thumri, and bhajan will become just as commonplace. If so, Mitali Banerjee Bhawmik of South Brunswick could very well deserve some of the credit."